The 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix

When the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix was about to kick off, there was so much that was going wrong and every fan expected the worst. From the blundering of FIA in coming up with a new qualifying format to the claims by the F1 supremo that the sport was at its lowest, it was obvious things were not so rosy.

However, three races down the line, things have taken an unexpected turn and every fan is now being forced to sit up and notice.

What really changed?  Here are some thoughts:

1.      Nico Rosberg’s Rise and Rise

As was expected, the German kept up the pressure and it seems the Mercedes driver has finally found a way to cut to size his main challengers. With six wins so far, Rosberg is looking unstoppable and Lewis Hamilton’s fans are starting to get pesky. Well, Nico has given Formula One fans something fresh after the domination by Hamilton and their battle is definitely going to light things up.

2.      Lewis Hamilton’s Slump

Well, it might not be totally right to call Hamilton’s form awful right now considering his car has had issues and slow starts have really disappointed him. In Shanghai GP, he had to take a 5-place penalty due to clutch changes and he was not able to fight back as he had done in Australia and Bahrain. The Briton has already told CNN that Nico should enjoy his lead while it lasts; if that is not an exciting warning for F1 fans, then what is?

3.      The Ferrari’s Woes

Everyone thought Ferrari was up to the task in challenging Mercedes’ domination, but it seems things are not so clear anymore. Kimi Raikkonen had to retire in the Australian GP and Sebastian Vettel is being forced to play catch-up once again due to the car’s reliability. Is it just a blip or are the Scuderia going to up their game? Whatever it is, the window the reds are giving is providing chances for new talent.

4.      Hail the Newbies

A few months back no one would have thought Romain Grosjean’s move to Haas would amount to anything much; after all new teams always struggle for years to make a mark. Well, he came in 6th in Australia and 5th in Bahrain. The other new driver who has surprised is, of course, Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat who finished third in Shanghai.

5.      The Rise of Red Bull

Just a few months back, the future of Red Bull in Formula One was in doubt. Team owners and the top bosses were angry at Renault’s failure to provide a reliable power unit. The team has always boasted a good chassis and Renault now seems to be perfecting a stronger power unit. The race for the best of the others after Mercedes and Ferrari just got more exciting. Williams seems to be overwhelmed with Bottas and Massa underperforming so far. Red Bull is slowly rising from the ashes and it seems ready to be among the top three teams.

Forget the F1 power plays for now; sit back and watch more drama unfold in the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix.