Highlights of the 2014 Season Finale Abu Dhabi GP

Abu-dhabi-gpIf there is one fascinating Formula One circuit to behold then it has to be Yas Marina. Now that the 2015 F1 season is underway, isn’t it time to recap what went down at the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi?

This will no doubt whet your race action as you count down to November 27th 2015 GP. Here are some highlights that spiced down one of the greatest races in the 2014 calendar.

1.       The Double Point Controversy

Four years prior to the 2014 season, watching F1 had become a painful affair with the dominance of Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull racing. It seemed like F1 bigwigs heard the yawns towards the end of 2013 season and decided to award double points at the final race in 2014 Abu Dhabi. This was of course intended to spice up the action down to the wire and open the race till the last minute.

2.       Hamilton Vs. Nico Rosberg

When the double points were being announced, no one knew how strong Mercedes AMG would be in 2014. By the third race in Shanghai, it was obvious the battle was between Mercedes cars of Hamilton and Rosberg.

The fight got stiff, nasty and ugly, though many plastic smiles in between helped ease the tension. By the time they were heading to Yas Marina, Lewis was only 17 points ahead and the title race was open for the two drivers. This spiced up pre-race action to dizzying heights, which is exactly the shot Formula One needed.

3.       Practice and Qualifying

During the entire weekend tension was palpable across F1, but fans were enjoying every bit. The battle of the fastest cars the whole season was coming down to the wire and either of the Mercedes machines could have won. Hamilton was the fastest in practice, but eventually Rosberg beat him to pole thus heightening anxiety in F1 circles.

4.       Drama during Qualifying

There was drama when Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo were excluded from qualifying thus started from the back of the grid, on top of more penalties. This was due to movable aerodynamic devices on their Red Bulls, while Romain Grosjean was penalized for excess power units.

5.       Hamilton Wins a 2nd Championship Title

lewis-hamiltonThe race action, which everyone was waiting for, started with Hamilton perfectly manoeuvring his race car and getting clear from pole holder Rosberg. The German was unlucky after running off the track at turn 17 and his car’s ERS later failed. From that point, the battle was between Massa and Hamilton, but the Briton held on to win a deserved 2nd Championship Title.

What does the 2015 Abu Dhabi GP hold for fans? You just have to wait and watch the race that will definitely be a delight considering the talent on the grid.